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Post Info TOPIC: Please help me identify this piece of history.
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Crap, give it away.
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Please help me identify this piece of history.
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Came across this bicycle chain in an attic. I have come across a mint condition, replacement chain (item code F5511) which appears to be for a 1967 era boys "Eliminator" Buzz Bike, or same era girls' "Miss Buzz Bike". According to "Boys Life" magazine, Volume 57, #9, 1967, the MSRP was $0.95, and in volume 58, #9, Sepetember 1967 issue, the price was raised to $1.07. When you adjust for inflation from those years to 2016, the retail price would be about $7.41. Those are the ONLY direct and specific references to this chain I can find, and they don't even contain a picture to verify it's the same product as mine. This gentleman here on EBay has a similar chain, however mine has red packaging and variation of the part number. I will attach a modestly high resolution photo for you to evaluate. Long story short, I do not want to let go of this thing until I fully understand the value of what I have. I have searched every corner of the internet, and that EBay listing, and my own chain in my possession at the moment, seem to be the only two antique bike chains of this product number that I can verify that even exist, making me feel like I have some kind of rare gem. Mine is in significantly better condition; not only is my exterior box less damaged, but the seal of the plastic bag containing the chain is still airtight. I don't expect a definitive and final answer, but you guys clearly have an enormous wealth of knowledge compared to myself in regards to these bikes. I just need guidance and advice, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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